Getting Started
Guided Implant Surgury

In addition to providing a safer, more predictable experience for the patient, guided implant surgery makes it possible to integrate dental implant services to the dental practice, rather than referring patients to other providers. We work closely with dental labs and the manufacturer of our imaging equipment to deliver an optimal experience for dentists using our services.

For those new to guided implant surgery, we regularly conduct seminars to help you get started, dates are available on the Resources page as they become available. We also consult with dental practices to help integrate this service into their practice.

Imaging Services

  • Full 3D Scan
  • Maxillary or Mandibular to Check for Cracked Tooth
  • Radiologist Report
  • TMJ Scans

Implant Services

  • Impression with Bite
  • Restoration Proposal
  • Implant Proposal
  • Scan with Bite Block Plate for Implant
  • Scan with Bite Block Plate for Guided Surgery

Sinus Images

  • Scan to Distinguish Between Dental or Sinus Pain

Please call for pricing.