Taking the Guesswork Out of Diagnosis
& Implant Placement

The 3D cone beam imaging process was designed for dentistry. 3D studies provide clinicians with accurate, undistorted data that is simply not achievable with 2D images. This technology is ideal for visualizing difficult to diagnose conditions such as endo pain vs. sinus pain and finding possible anomalies. 3D images have also revolutionized dental implants by taking the guesswork out of placement, providing greater diagnostic accuracy and confidence, and the option to create a surgical guide for exact dental implant placement.

With 3D images, the clinician is able to show their patients precise information about treatment recommendations. Our scanner is designed to promote an optimal patient experience. The actual scan time takes approximately 14 seconds and is performed in an open scanner, where the patient is comfortably seated. Patient safety is enhanced with the 3D scanner emitting approximately half the radiation of a traditional dental full mouth film series.